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In light of proposed budget cuts in the state of Kansas, the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS) is asking for your support.  While KAMS may be able to survive in a limited form by receiving partial funding, we simply cannot assume that partial funding by the state of Kansas will happen.  Instead, KAMS and our supporters must prepare for, and strive against, the worst case scenario – total elimination of our funding.  By working against elimination, KAMS potentially may ensure enough funding to survive the current economic downturn.

At this time, KAMS is asking all of our supporters to contact Governor Sebelius and urge her to preserve funding for the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science.  We ask this in addition to our request that you contact your own state senators and representatives to express your support of KAMS.  Demonstrating directly to the Governor that there is wide-spread support for KAMS throughout the great state of Kansas will be instrumental in increasing the possibility of partial, or even full, funding for KAMS. 

Preservation of funding for the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science is of central importance to the state because KAMS has the potential to benefit not only the students attending, but Kansas as a whole.  The students attending KAMS will be challenged in the classroom in ways that most have likely never been challenged before.  By leaving the traditional high school classroom, which does not always best serve the highly gifted and talented student, students will be able to excel in new ways.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to engage in research with doctoral-level faculty, an opportunity unique to the KAMS program.

Although the benefit to students is clear, we at KAMS also wish to emphasize the benefit to the state of Kansas as a whole.  By exposing the state’s best and brightest students to the educational opportunities in Kansas’ universities, we believe that many who may have otherwise left the state for their undergraduate education will remain here in Kansas.  Also, by developing relationships with business and industry in Kansas, KAMS will enable students also to build relationships with Kansas’ business leaders.  Such relationships are of central importance when those same businesses recruit their own next generation of leaders.  Through KAMS, Kansas businesses may accelerate retention of newly graduated students who otherwise may have left Kansas upon graduation. 

When looking at the benefits of KAMS as compared to the overall cost of the program, we at the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science believe that it is a small price to pay.  Although we are willing to take on our fair share of the budget cuts, we believe that total elimination would be unfair to our prospective students, the entire Regent’s system of higher education, and the State of Kansas.

Again, we implore you to contact the Governor’s office, your state senator, and your state representative to express your support on behalf of the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science.  We also urge you to pass on our message to anyone who you believe is interested in improving Kansas and supporting KAMS and our mission.  If you support KAMS, but do not know quite how to express that support, we have placed several letters on our blog for your use.

Please see these posts for letters:  letter 1, letter 2, letter 3, letter 4 or select the Support KAMS category for a complete listing of relevant posts.  Please remember, personalized letters carry maximum impact.

We would like everyone to consider sending a letter of support to your state senator, representative, and to Governor Sebelius.  If you don’t know who your state senator or representative is you can look it up here and be directed to their name, office number, phone number, and email address.  You may email Governor Sebelius via the state of Kansas website here.  You may access the Governor’s address and phone number here.



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