Meet The KAMS Staff: Ann Ryan-Noble

So you can get to know all of us at KAMS at little better, we’re posting short 10 question Q&As with questions devised by Jeffrey Stramel, a FHSU student working for us at the Science and Mathematics Education Institute.  The fourth of these interviews is with Ann Ryan-Noble.  Look for more interviews in the coming days and weeks.

Ann hides from cameras, so we offer this cartoon instead!

Ann hides from cameras, so we offer this cartoon instead!

1.  What is your name? 

Ann Ryan-Noble

2.  What is your current position/title? 

KAMS Financial Administrator

3.  Tell me a little about your position & how you’re involved with KAMS. 

I have been a part of the core team responsible for designing & developing the KAMS program.

4.  What are some of your favorite hobbies/pastime activities? 

Baking, Photography, Reading and spending time with my children.

5.  Who is your favorite Author and what is your favorite book? 

I like to read pretty much anything, but my favorites are business and accounting books.  Yes, I know that’s a little strange! 

6.  What degrees have you acquired & from where? 

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting from FHSU.

7.  What piece of technology do you think has the most potential to change the future? 

Smart phones

8.  What are some things you would say to a potential KAMS student to further their interest? 

Take advantage of any opportunity you’ll be offered at KAMS.

9.  What is your favorite thing about Fort Hays State University and why? 

The opportunities & the encouragement to learn — no matter your position here.

10.  Has Hays always been your permanent residence?  If not, where have you lived? 

Yes!  I’m a Hays native! 

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