KAMS & the FY2010 Budget

emailAlthough KAMS is currently included in proposals for Kansas’ FY2010 budget, we need your support once again to ensure that KAMS stays in the budget.

All it takes is writing, emailing, or calling your state senator and state representative to express your support for KAMS and ask for theirs too!  We have several letters for you to pick from, if you’re not sure how to express your support.  Those letters are available here under the Subpage Heading on the right. 

If you don’t know who your state senator or representative is you can look it up here and this webpage will direct you to their name, office number, phone number, and email address. 

If you also would like to express your support of KAMS to Governor Sebelius, you may email her via the state of Kansas website here.  You may also access the Governor’s address and phone number here.

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One Comment on “KAMS & the FY2010 Budget”

  1. notedscholar Says:

    Keep in mind that everyone has to accept budget cuts, even zoos! It is unlikely to not have to cut your budget!


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