Genome of Hereford Decoded

Hereford Bull.  Photo credit:  USDA.

Hereford Bull. Photo credit: USDA.

Researchers announced that they have unravelled the genome of a Hereford cow named L1 Dominette 01449.  Taking 300 scientists over 6 years to decode, they reported their findings in last Friday’s edition of Science & other journals.  Their findings included the following discoveries, in addition to others.  First, this research indicated that modern cattle developed from populations in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Second, cattle and humans have about 80% of their genes in common.  Third, the human chromosome is more closely associated to cattle than that of rats or mice, the typical animals used for drug testing.  Scientists have also complied draft sequences of other cattle breeds for comparison.  For more information on this breakthrough, see here.

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    nice info,..thx u

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