Live Blog of KAMS Grand Opening Ceremony

We’re offering a live blog of the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science.

President Hammond is opening the ceremony & greeting all of the many dignitaries attending.

The President is interconnecting how the KAMS program reflects the new FHSU branding effort:  exceptional depth in learning, exceptional faculty and staff, social, civic & professional engagement, partnerships and learning experiences that bring together cultures & different perspective, and innovation that drives solutions.  KAMS & FHSU are the perfect match!

Remarks by Mr. Ron Keller.   “Finally, the Beginning!”  The KAMS students are embarking on an uncharted journey!  Just speak with these students and you will understand how outstanding they are and how much they have to offer FHSU and the entire state of Kansas.  “Off to college at 16!  Sweet!”  The KAMS class ranges across the state, representing all that Kansas has to offer.

Mr. Keller recognizes the core team that developed KAMS from the initial grant:  Dr. Paul Adams, Leslie Paige, Casey Kelch, and Ann Noble.  Also Marty Straub, who was key to developing the curriculum, President Hammond, Debra Prideux, Todd Powell, & Dr. Debbie Mercer.  Also, the entire KAMS staff:  Dr. Angela Bolte, Ann Noble, Matt Thomas, Jinnie Compton, Kelly Matlack, and Andrew Ables.

Remarks by Dr. Norwood.  Dr. Norwood was key in advocating for KAMS at the Kansas Legislature with Dr. Magliano.  Dr. Norwood explains & thanks those who were central in making KAMS a reality.  The KAMS students & their parents are recognized.  Dr. Norwood urges that the KAMS students & their parents serve as honorary KAMS Ambassadors in advocating for KAMS across the state.

Remarks by Dr. Magliano.  Dr. Magliano speaks on former Sen. Jordan’s work to spearhead the legislation for KAMS.   Dr. Magliano discusses the FHSU proposal for KAMS & why it was successful.  The proposal was ambitious and had excellent leadership in President Hammond.  To the KAMS students:  Being in the Pioneer class is a privilege.  Don’t just do well — excel because it is expected of you.  Also, it is clear from your record that you can do more than just do well, you truly can excel.

Remarks by Sen. Steve Morris.  Sen. Morris promises to continue to work to provide continued funding because KAMS is the type of program Kansas needs.  He invites the KAMS Class to visit the Senate Floor & be recognized this spring.  He encourages the KAMS students to attend a Kansas regents university and to remain in Kansas to help grow & strengthen the state.

Remarks by Dr. Paul Adams.  The KAMS students will be able to truly live in the STEM discipline.  They will also explore other disciplines like the arts through marching band or English.  KAMS is necessary because it is rooted in the STEM disciplines.  There is no other place like this in Kansas.  KAMS students will be able to blend with those just as bright as they are & work together to innovate.  Innovation is the key.  But, also the cross-disciplinary approach that KAMS offers students access to this at a young age is a unique aspect of this program.

Remarks by President Hammond.  Why is KAMS important for Kansas?  President Hammond explores the relationship, economic and otherwise, between China and the United States.  China needs food for its tremendous population and Kansas, being the bread basket of the United States, can help provide that to Chinese citizens.  China needs oil, oil that Kansas helps provide.  China needs airplanes, the airplanes that Kansas produces.  China needs educational partners and FHSU is the largest provider of education in China by a non-Chinese university.  FHSU has over 3,000 Chinese students attending FHSU virtually.  Also, over 275 Chinese students will attend the FHSU campus this semester.  KAMS students will be able to build partnerships with China & help the United States compete globally.  KAMS is a down payment on the future of Kansas.

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