NASA Releases Photos from Upgraded Hubble

NASA has released the latest batch of photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  All the photos were taken after the Hubble was upgraded in May.  You can check out a photo of the Butterfly Nebula or Bug Nebula below.

Planetary Nebula NGC 6302 also know as the Butterfly Nebula or Bug Nebula.  This picture was taken by Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3.  Image credit:  NASA, ESA, the Hubble SM4 ERO Team, and ST-ECF

Planetary Nebula NGC 6302 also know as the Butterfly Nebula or Bug Nebula. This picture was taken by Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3. Image credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble SM4 ERO Team, and ST-ECF

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51 Comments on “NASA Releases Photos from Upgraded Hubble”

  1. bren Says:

    Amazing and beautiful!

  2. azhlei07 Says:

    Beautiful. I’m always enthralled by new discoveries in the outer space.

  3. FJM Says:

    wow..that is so beautiful…

  4. Tony Says:

    What a stunning picture!

  5. rohan386 Says:

    how beautiful it is!

  6. softballgirl78 Says:

    That picture is SO COOL! Thank you for sharing it. I probably never would have seen it otherwise. 🙂

  7. xerby Says:

    My young son once asked me “What’s inside us?”. I said “Meat”. I no longer have such glib answers for the wonders of the universe. It seems that all there is is available to us to examine and marvel at. We should live so long. xerby

  8. lilabyrd Says:

    absolutely beautiful! would love to see it enlarged and in HD! …. :} … Lila

  9. meonkk Says:


  10. 55tech Says:

    its amazing .

  11. Tim Says:

    God’s glory revealed!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    awesome….thats really beautiful~ still got any photo like that 1?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    it looks like a giant space butterfly!

  14. […] pictures from the Hubble telescope are truly astounding.  One reveals a nebula that looks like a colorful butterfly.  What is also […]

  15. iqbal Says:

    NASA kerren. Saya berharap seluruh penelitian dari NASA memberikan manfaat bagi seluruh masyarakat di dunia. Amin.

  16. sravan953 Says:

    Wow! So breaktakingb

  17. Bem-bem Says:

    AMAZING NEBULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. awestitunggo Says:

    its so amazing

  19. Ehtie Says:

    Wow that thing looks amazing:!:

  20. xfuse Says:

    Farout! the new Wide Filed Camera 3 takes stunning pictures. Cant wait to see more from other galaxies

  21. rauff risharasakti Says:

    Allahu Akbar!!

  22. This is a truly amazing photograph, if my understanding is correct, the Hubble’s field camera 3 reflects the hot gasses, producing – such strong photographs such as this one. Imagine if you could see this with the naked eye; I would end up sleeping during the day. Beautiful.

  23. jackbennettsblog Says:

    Sweet that is so cool man who doesn’t love SPACE 😀 😀 😀 😀 O.o

  24. Anonymous Says:

    that’s pretty!

  25. subhanallah…mudah-mudahan hal buruk tidak terjadi pada bumi tempat kita tinggal ini…amien,,!!

  26. pandabox33 Says:

    It is so beautiful ! I’m glad to see this. I had heard about it on the radio this morning.

  27. angelwings1995 Says:

    that is so awesome i love it.

  28. Awesome! I love looking at Nebulas.

  29. ant Says:

    whooo awesome picture. I thought it was a butterfly at first. (^_^)

  30. elmo Says:

    How Great is our God! really….

  31. choirul hudda Says:

    It’s God’s creation!

  32. Amanda Says:

    please tell me you saw regis and keelly when they showed these pictures and kelly said it looked like a mamogram only hers would be alot smaller.. lol it was so funny.. but the pictures are beautiful!

  33. JD Says:

    excelente toma del huble!!
    me voy muy asombrado…

  34. This just shows the amazing power of God and how wonderful He is. I love looking at the things in which Jesus created, its beautiful and amazing to look at. Another Nebula I like is the Horse head Nebula. Thanks for posting this.

  35. hawksorb Says:

    It looks like a cosmic butterfly.If anything can make a person believe in God It’s things like this. Absolutely awe inspiring!! All of that space and we humans are arogant enough tos ay we are the only inteligent life form there is, that’s a lot of space.

  36. ordinarykumkum Says:

    really amazing…..

  37. fadlah Says:


  38. it looks like a dragonfly or a comet bangs together.

  39. SONAL Says:


  40. เมย์ Says:


  41. Brad Makwana Says:

    Nice to see in advance what we will see one day as we travel through it sometime in the future….

  42. Anonymous Says:

    what amazing….

  43. Andy Says:

    The universe is full of wonder, when we shuffle off this mortal coil we get to go and check it out. Cool!

  44. blakeart Says:

    I agree Andy… It is my understanding that what we are seeing on most of these amazing photos is Electrical Discharge on a massive scale, mixed with and illuminating the stuff that makes up space. Pretty incredible.

  45. Sachincko Says:

    How excellent!!!
    The Heavens declare Thy glory.

  46. Pretty Impressive Glad I came across this.

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