First Great Whites Tagged Off The Massachusetts Coast

Great White SharkThe first great whites sharks every successfully tagged in the Atlantic Ocean off the U.S. coast were tagged this weekend.  The first great white was tagged Saturday off of the Massachusetts coast near Cape Cod.  The second was tagged later that same day.  The sharks were tagged two days after the Division of Marine Fisheries reported that as many as five large sharks were seen near Monomoy Island, a National Wildlife Refuge off the southern tip of Cape Cod.

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One Comment on “First Great Whites Tagged Off The Massachusetts Coast”

  1. Cold Blooded Killer Says:

    Remember when the seal hunts in Northeastern/Atlantic
    Canada where under such environmental pressure to save
    the baby seals?

    Well, they grew up and headed for Cape Cod and Momomoy
    Island, and destinations further south before all is said and

    And guess what? This epicurian part of the food chain was
    followed by the Great White Sharks, who have now been sighted,
    tagged and released, some within 50 feet of the beach.

    I suspect the hunt will be revitalized with enthusiasm as soon
    as a swimmer or wading Bluefish guy (or gal, to be PC) bites
    the waves so to speak.

    It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature, even when compassion
    is the ostensible driving force.

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