Craving a Fizzy Taste?

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Many of you have no doubt craved a fizzy soft drink, but perhaps instead of craving the cola taste you were craving the fizzy taste? That may sound strange, but scientists recently discovered that carbonation actually has a flavor and that our taste buds can, in fact, taste the carbon dioxide that gives drinks their fizz. Researchers studying mice, which have a similar sense of taste as humans, were able to determine that carbonation tastes sour. By eliminating a single gene, mice had their ability to taste sour things turned off and no longer responded to carbonation. The gene that was turned off encodes an enzyme that breaks down carbon dioxide and water into bicarbonate and protons. The protons, which are essentially acid, are what the sour-sensitive taste cells appear to sense. For more information on the study, see Science Daily.

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7 Comments on “Craving a Fizzy Taste?”

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  2. mordzook Says:

    Whenever I crave something fizzy, I simply stick an electrical cord in my mouth. I hear it’s much better for you than soda pop.

  3. Abhinav Says:

    hi, this is abhinav mishra, if all of you have any problem in science. feel free to contact with

  4. jimmynorth Says:

    oh, i like fizzy drinks! VERY MUCH!!! i’ve heard that they are not very useful for our health and now i try to decrease the usage of such drinks. though sometimes it is not very easy to do. lol!

  5. Flower Boy Says:

    And the Mouse said “Squeak squeak burp”

  6. danakennedy Says:

    Or maybe we’re just craving the massive belch that follows consumption of mass quantities of soda pop!

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