Butterflies in Space?!?

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When the space shuttle Atlantis launches Monday it will have a few extra passengers aboard, namely, monarch and painted lady adult butterflies and larvae. The experiment is from the University of Colorado-Boulder and will be monitored by thousands of K-12 students.  The students will be able to study the effects of space travel on the little butterfly astronauts, comparing the development of the butterfly larvae in space with butterfly larvae reared in their own classrooms.  For more information on butterflies in space, see ScienceDaily.

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2 Comments on “Butterflies in Space?!?”

  1. Nancy Moreno Says:

    All of the Butterflies in Space teaching materials, photos from space, and instructions for growing the butterflies in your own classroom for student to compare–can be found at BioEd Online and K8 Science free of charge.


    We hope that you and your students will join the mission!!

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