Japanese Researchers Photograph Juvenile Coelacanth

Japanese scientists captured on film what is thought to be the first images of a juvenile coelacanth.  The coelacanth was filmed at a depth of 528 feet in Manado Bay off Sulawesi Island.  At slightly over 12 inches in length, researchers believe it was newly born.  From previous examinations of captured specimens, scientists know that eggs hatch inside female coelacanths and the young, known as pups, are born fully formed about the same size as the juvenile filmed.  Known as a “living fossil,” the coelacanth was thought to be extinct until one was discovered in 1938 off the southern coast of Africa.  Check out the video below:

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13 Comments on “Japanese Researchers Photograph Juvenile Coelacanth”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    First time I see one on video – thanks for sharing!

  2. A cutie. Didn’t know the eggs hatch inside the female, though. Thanks for the coelacanthic promo.

  3. gardenqueen Says:


  4. 0205megank Says:


  5. sauerkraut Says:

    Wasn’t this shown on the mudflats blog a couple of weeks ago? I know peeps go to mudflats to get the latest dirt on s’error palin, but it also does science stuff. mudflats.net

  6. Greg Says:

    Cool, I always love learning new things about animals that haven’t felt the need to evolve since prehistoric times 😀

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Cool! It kind of makes you wonder what else is still around that we don’t know about.

  8. Good thing to know that we (by we I mean humans) didn`t exterminate almost everything rare…

  9. mikeytherhino Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing the viddy!

  10. sunny Says:

    mysterious color!

  11. deky Says:

    I ever saw that giant fish at Sulawesi Island.

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