Fuel Cells For Your Home?

A company recently featured on Sixty Minutes is working to create fuel cells for the home.  Two small blocks could potentially provide enough energy to power an American home.  Just a science fiction tale?  The company’s larger corporate-sized cells are already installed at corporations like FedEx and Ebay.  Check out a clip from the interview with the founder of Bloom Energy below or watch the whole segment.

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15 Comments on “Fuel Cells For Your Home?”

  1. jenclinton Says:

    They just look like giant gray refrigerators, I have a lot of hope for Bloom Energy if they already can give customers’ testimony (Google, Wal-mart, E-bay, etc.), and fears of inconsistency and ineffectiveness can be assuaged before they’re even discussed.


  2. Michael Says:

    How far off are the residential applications, and what are costs expected to be? What about noise and dimensions per unit?

  3. Enigma Says:

    My concerns are the fuels used to complete the process?
    Bio fuels are obviuosly the better choice….

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I run my own business as green as I can from using waste wood pens to selling ebooks over paper books.

    The turning point indeed will be fuel cells for homes.
    For what it is worth I have heard that slowly more and more people in France and Germany are installing solar panels on their homes due to government subsidies and people will eventually be getting money back from supplying power to the grid. Nice.

  5. isshmen Says:

    Very interesting post! Keep UP!

  6. Lakia Says:

    This is very interesting…

  7. Barcelona Says:

    This could be a very efficient solution.

  8. lurker Says:


  9. Ryan Says:

    This is cool… she looked offended when he responded to the solar panels question, lol

  10. RawGamePlay Says:

    wow! Now thats what I call news!!

  11. ReallybigBawls Says:

    nice man… I like this idea

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