Science Fair Results

Students who won entry to the 2010 Kansas State Science & Engineering Fair.

Division 1 (9th-12th Grades).  All Entries with an asterisk advance to State.


*Courtney Storer & Lauren Keller, Hays High School

*Kylee Filley & Shelby Dinkel, Hays High School

*Preston Ryan, Hays High School

*Tyler Clark,  KAMS/St. John High

*Nicholas Van Swol,  KAMS/Hiawatha High School

*Christopher Rooney,  Hays High School

*Hannah Bannister, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High


Emma Onyx Nassif & Samantha Fisher, Hays High School

Spencer Greathouse, Hays High School

MacKenzie Boone, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Brady Kenton & Cody Brown, Hays High School

Samuel Field & Amber Sheley, Northern Valley High School

Connor Hess & Ryan Unruh, Hays High School

Nicole Brake & Zoey Gubitoso, Hays High School

Faith Burdine & Delphine Burns, Hays High School

Beth Channel, Thomas More Marian Prep


Brittanie Larison, Northern Valley High School

Hyojin, Thomas More Marian Prep

Brook Durrant, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Division 2 (4th-8th Grades). All Entries with an asterisk advance to State.


*Ana Speno, Holy Family Elementary

*Megan Tammen, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Tanner Krug & Gage Nichols, Ruppenthal Middle School

*Russell Krug, Kennedy Middle School

Melissa Pfeifer, Taylor Dinkel &Taylor Gabel, Holy Family Elementary

*Laura Krug, Andrew Hess & Madison Ginther, Holy Family Elementary

*Ceciley Mitchell, Renee Royer, Annie Kraisinger, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High


Kole Urban, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Jace Ochs, St. Joseph’s School

Jenna Zimmerman St. Joseph’s School

Devin Thomas & Noah Schneider, Ruppenthal Middle School

Isaac Kuhlman, St. Joseph’s School

Tigist Bannister, Cayla Steinert & Alix Schneider, Ruppenthal Middle School

Kade Urban, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Katlin Goebel, Alexis Hurd, & Avoree Siler, Ruppenthal Middle School

Ashley Lamb, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Nick Higgason, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High


Myka Kuhlman, St. Joseph’s School

Brian Joseph, St. Joseph’s School

Robert Stephens, St. Joseph’s School

Eric Frieb, Otis-Bison Jr/Sr High

Shanley Selzer, St. Joseph’s School

Christian Garland & Ian Finger, Ruppenthal Middle School Bronze

Carli Van Eaton, St. Joseph’s School

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