The Stars & Stripes travels out of the solar system

After 33 years & 10.5 billion miles, the American flag will be leaving the solar system .  Old Glory is along for the ride with the space probes

John Casani, Voyager project manager in 1977, shows of a small Dacron flag that was folded and sewed into the thermal blankets of the Voyager spacecraft before they launched 33 years ago. Voyager 2 stands behind him before heading to the launch pad in August 1977. Full Story. Credit: NASA/JPL

Voyager I & II as they continue their journey of space.  Joining the American flag on this journey is a golden record, which contains messages from Earth for any extraterrestrials out there who might happen to come across the probe. This 16″ version of Old Glory, joins the many other American flags in space but is the only one that has traveled this far from home. 

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