Digital billboards that know you’re coming

After the Japanese company NEC wowed technophiles with digital billboards that use face recognition technology, IBM researchers are taking the billboard recognition technology even further.   The The billboards they are developing rely on the RFID chips that are increasingly being built into credit cards and cell phones as a means of storing data that is accessible by contact-free sensors. A sensor on the billboard picks up on that RFID signal as the cardholder passes by, tapping information like name, age, gender, shopping habits, and personal preferences.  It looks like some of the futuristic technology featured in “Mintory Report” aren’t so futuristic.

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3 Comments on “Digital billboards that know you’re coming”

  1. tomsmithh Says:

    I knew it would be a matter of time that the technology from minority report would be created. We will never be able to escape advertising

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