Preview Day…less than 2 weeks away

KAMS Preview Day is only 12 days away!!  We are excited to once again get a chance to meet prospective KAMS studentsKansas Academy of Mathematics & Science and their families.  So far, we have a little over 70 people signed up for Preview Day!  We hope that the word keeps spreading about KAMS and more students every year join in the information filled day.  Registration is still open, so if you are interested in learning more about KAMS, please register by November 7th.

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2 Comments on “Preview Day…less than 2 weeks away”

  1. Farm Gal Says:

    Parents and kids will be highly impressed with this opportunity– I so wish such a program were available when I was of an age to attend! Even now I wish I could sneak into my kids’ suitcase and be there.

    If you even kinda-sorta think you might be interested in this program – GO TO THE PREVIEW – it will answer most of your questions… No the program is not for everyone, but talking to the kids who are in it, settles so many concerns and questions, and the professors and staff will do the rest. Awesome campus.

    or… you could just kind of twiddle your thums through another booring two YEARS or your (students) life…

    • Lisa Wright Says:

      Just got back from the visit with “boy”. You’re right, what an awesome opportunity, and where was this when we were growing up in rural Kansas? Can’t wait to see how things play out for the 3rd class and beyond. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more about this innovative program.

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