Below are answers to some common questions about KAMS.

What will the program cost?
Tuition and fees will be provided by KAMS for 16-18 credit hours per semester for students currently attending a public school in Kansas.  In total, this is equivalent to approximately $7000.  Parents of Kansas public school students will be responsible for the cost of housing, meals, and incidentals.  Parents of Kansas private school students and parents of students outside of Kansas are responsible for all costs associated with attending KAMS.

Housing at FHSU in 2010-2011 is approximately $6650 (which includes the open access meal plan).

KAMS also also provides tablet computers for students to use during the academic year.

Will I be able to apply to KAMS if I currently attend a private school in Kansas?
Yes, students currently attending private school in Kansas may apply to KAMS.  If they are accepted, costs will not be defrayed by the State of Kansas.  Parents will be responsible for all costs of tuition, fees, books, computers, housing, meals, and incidentals.

If I’m not a resident of the State of Kansas, will I be able to apply to KAMS?
Yes, a limited number of non-residents may be selected to attend KAMS.  These students, like students currently attending private school in Kansas, will be responsible for all costs of attending KAMS.  Additionally, out-of-state students will have a surcharge to defray additional costs to KAMS that the State of Kansas provides on behalf of Kansas students.

What will the students’ day look like?
Students will have a regular college schedule.  Typically, classes meet on either a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  The majority of classes are scheduled between 8am and 3pm.   While 16-18 hours per week in the classroom may not seem like a lot, please keep in mind that the rule of thumb is that every 1 hour in the classroom will require 2-3 hours of study outside of class.  So, a 16- 18 hour class schedule is a very full college-level class load.

Will KAMS students take regular college courses?
Yes, KAMS students will take college courses with other students from FHSU.  We believe that having KAMS students work alongside regular FHSU students will benefit both KAMS students and the current FHSU student body.  Other academies also have found that integrating their academy students in class with regular college students is the most successful model rather than segregating the academy students into their own sections.

Will KAMS students be able to do research projects?
Yes!  One of the most exciting opportunities that KAMS has to offer is the ability of students to work with PhD faculty on research projects.  Students will be able to work on projects both internally at FHSU and externally.  Also, students will be able to take part in internship opportunities with Kansas businesses.

Will credit earned at KAMS be transferrable to other universities?
In general, yes, credit will be transferrable.  Of course, there are hundreds of universities in the United States and the staff at KAMS is unable to determine transferability of credits in advance for every university.  Students will need to work closely with the Academic Counselor in determining whether or not credits will transfer to the university they plan on attending to complete their bachelor’s degree.

What college majors or career paths will attendance at KAMS benefit most?
It is our belief that attendance at KAMS will benefit students no matter their ultimate major or career.  Students at similar programs in other states have received bachelor’s degrees in a number of subjects ranging from biology, finance, music, philosophy, engineering, mathematics, education, physics, and beyond.  Students at similar programs have also attended, and earned degrees from, a variety of graduate and professional programs, including:  law school, business school, medical school, pharmacy school, and PhD-level graduate programs in almost every discipline.  Alumni from similar programs are doctors, lawyers, teachers, professional musicians, engineers, business professionals, professors, research scientists, and military officers to name only a few professions.  This diversity of interests is what we at KAMS expect our own students to demonstrate also.

Where will the KAMS students be living?
The KAMS students will be living in Custer Hall on the FHSU campus.  Custer Hall is being renovated specifically for KAMS.  This renovation includes space for the KAMS offices and also includes special security measures for access to the KAMS students’ floors.  There will be separate wings for male and female students with restricted access to both and shared common areas.  Each room will be shared by two students.

Will KAMS students be supervised?
Yes, unlike a typical college student, KAMS students will have many layers of supervision.  In addition to the KAMS Director, a number of staff members will supervise the students.  There will be two Resident Advisors and a live-in Residential Counselor supervising life in Custer Hall in the 2009-2010 school year.  There will also be KAMS staff to help students with their academic needs and to ensure that students do not fall behind when placed in this challenging academic environment.  Finally, KAMS affiliated psychological staff will help students with the typical challenges faced by students new to college:  homesickness, stress, and other mental health concerns.

What safety precautions are being taken for KAMS students?
The safety of KAMS students is a top priority for everyone at FHSU and KAMS.  Access to the students’ floor in Custer will be restricted.  Access to the different wings also will be restricted with no males allowed on the female side and vice versa.  Each wing will have an on-site Resident Advisor and there will be a live-in Residential Counselor.  Students will have curfews and will be required to check in and out when leaving campus.  Additionally, the campus police station is located in the basement of Custer Hall.

Are KAMS students allowed to have cars on campus?
Yes, if parents want their student to have a vehicle on campus that will be allowed.  Although they may have cars, students will not have unrestricted access to their vehicles.  They will be required to inform the KAMS staff when they leave campus and when they return.  This check-in/check-out process may also include vehicle keys being checked in and out with KAMS staff.  Students may not be allowed to keep their automobile’s keys while at KAMS.  They will also be required to follow curfew rules.   If a student has problems, academically or otherwise, KAMS staff may ask parents to remove their student’s vehicle from campus.

Can KAMS students participate in extracurricular activities & sports teams?
KAMS understands the integral role of student organizations and activities in student life.  Students will be able to form their own clubs and join FHSU student organizations.  There are over 110 of these clubs and organizations on the FHSU campus.  KAMS students will not be permitted to join sororities or fraternities.

KAMS students will also be able to participate in several fine arts activities on the FHSU campus.  We are still working on what non-athletic activities these might include with the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHAA).  KAMS has been informed by KSHAA that any non-athletic activities will not include any competition at the League or State level.

Regarding sports, KAMS student will also be able to participate in the wide variety of FHSU intramural activities.  There are over 200 potential activities on campus.  National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) regulations do not permit KAMS students to join FHSU athletic teams.  KAMS students will not be permitted to participate in state sanctioned high school athletics.

Can KAMS student have a part-time job?
Academics are the top priority at KAMS.  Due to this priority, students will not be allowed to have a part-time job.  Since students will be taking a 16-18 hour/semester college load, this will require significant time both in and outside of the classroom.  Students would likely not have enough time to keep up with their classes, work, and maintain the required GPA.

What churches are available for KAMS students to attend?
There are many places of worship available in Hays, including:  Assembly of God, Baha’i Faith, Baptist, Catholic, Charismatic, Church of Christ, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Episcopal, Evangelical, Jehovah’s Witness, Lutheran, Mennonite, Messianic, Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Seventh Day Sabbath, and several Non-Denominational choices.  While there is no synagogue in Hays, KAMS has received an offer from a Rabbi to meet with students during his regular visits to the Hays area.

If you do not see your religious preference listed, please contact KAMS.  FHSU and KAMS respect and value diversity and will work to accommodate your religious preference.

Additionally, there are several campus organizations with a religious focus.


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