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Lunar Eclipse…Monday night

December 20, 2010

Akira Fujii captured this record of the moon's progress dead-center through Earth's shadow in July 2000 by aligning his camera on the same star for successive exposures.

Tonight marks the first lunar eclipse that falls on the winter solstice in 372 years.  Those of us in North Americans should have the best seats in the house for tonight’s event, which reaches its climax at 1:41 a.m. CT Tuesday when Earth’s shadow covers every bit of the moon’s disk. For more than an hour, the moon should glow sunset-red, thanks to the light refracted by the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.

In case of cloudy skies, there’s always the Internet. NASA is planning to stream live Web video of the moon as seen from Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. The embedded video coverage will be accompanied by a Web chat with NASA astronomer Mitzi Adams from midnight to 4 a.m. CT Tuesday.


Solar Eclipse Captured from Space

March 10, 2009
Example of Diamond Ring Eclipse in Turkey

Example of Diamond Ring Eclipse in Turkey

Last month Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter captured high resolutions images of a solar eclipse.  From the orbiter’s perspective the earth moved in front of the sun producing a “diamond ring” eclipse.  For more information & a video of the images, see the NASA website here.

Photo by Mila Zinkova.  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.