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Find Comet Lulin

February 26, 2009



Want to find Comet Lulin, but you’re not sure where Regulus is?  Click here for a simplified chart that shows you the constellation Leo and Lulin’s relationship to it until March 1st.


Lulin Moving Away From Earth

February 26, 2009

cometComet Lulin is now moving away from Earth, but is still bright enough to be seen with the naked eye.  You can find it near Regulus.  Yesterday, we posted that Lulin had lost its colorful ionized gas tail.  Speculation was that a solar wind gust had torn the tail off again.  While solar winds may have affected the tail, watchers are suggesting that the tail may now be partially hidden by the head of the comet as it swings around Earth.  If so, the tail should reappear as the geometry changes. 

For our Kansas readers, Doug Zubenel posted some photography of Comet Lulin on taken in Linn County, Kansas.  You may view what the KAMS Blog thinks are his best shots here and here.

Update on Comet Lulin

February 25, 2009

cometComet Lulin has again lost its colorful ionized gas tail.  This has happened twice before in January and February, but quickly grew back.  Lulin’s heavier dust tail was not noticeably disturbed.  Check out here for a three-day sequence of photos that illustrate the changes.  These photos were taken by astrophotographer John Nassr in the Philippines.

Comet Lulin: Additional Update

February 23, 2009

cometMore Information on Lulin from

On Tuesday, Feb. 24th, Saturn and Comet Lulin will converge in the constellation Leo only 2 degrees apart. At the same time, Comet Lulin will be making its closest approach to Earth–the comet at its best!– while four of Saturn’s moons transit the disk of the ringed planet in view of backyard telescopes. Oh, and the Moon will be New, providing dark skies for anyone who wishes to see the show.

The best time to look is around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning (your local time) when the planet-comet combo ascend high in the southern sky. To the unaided eye, Comet Lulin looks like a faint patch of gas floating next to golden Saturn. Point your backyard telescope at that patch and you will see a lovely green comet with a double tail.

Visit here for full coverage including photos, sky maps, and a live webcast.

Comet Lulin Update

February 23, 2009

cometComet Lulin is approaching Earth and brightening rapidly. Observers say it is now visible to the naked eye as a faint gassy patch in the constellation Virgo before dawn. Even city dwellers have seen it. Backyard telescopes reveal a vivid green comet in obvious motion. Just last week, amateur astronomers watched as a solar wind gust tore away part of the comet’s tail, the second time this month such a thing has happened. Lulin’s closest approach to Earth is tomorrow, Feb. 24th. Browse the gallery here for the latest images.

Comet Lulin Approaching Earth

February 11, 2009

cometComet Lulin

A green comet discovered in 2007 is approaching Earth & will have excellent visibility this month.  It’s discoverer, Quanzhi Ye, describes it as a rare beauty.  On February 16th Lulin passes Spica and on February 24th it makes its closest approach to Earth.  To learn more & to view a photograph of the comet, visit the NASA website here.